Wowza Dynamic Playlist

Wowza Dynamic Schedule List , Play List working

You can create playlist and manage it with wowza .
The wowza forum includes lots of example .java , .as , .mxml and the .smil . If that is the very first working about media stream and wowza , forum will make your mind confused . First of all I wanna tell you about how wowza works ?
-> wowza is a media server using java and the player {that you should presume } @ flash . So if you ask sth that costumize , you’ll come across .as .mxml and the java . Dont worry about that , if u get used to object oriented. It does not matter that the definition of
variable like
int a ;
or a:int . The as function call the java function and they response and echo sth and you take it in as and behave what you get.
-> Wowza’s working depends on the xml , so lots of xml that include configure you may see . Application.xml and in the conf folder
your_application_name/Application.xml is where you work .
Whatever wowza is a complex system that you can get used to control it easily by paying attention .
It’s very very simple that to use default application. I wanna tell about playing playlist like a tv .
@9pm talk show
@11 pm my webcam show
etc etc .
So here is the problem is Real time stream publisher starting to work when the server started . So it’s not dynamic , if you try to change
.smil file u need to restart wowza or the application via
bootstrap jconsole .
However that’s not a good way. You may wanna change it by cron-job .
Everytime it’s needed to be controlled by a manager and I cannot stay and create new playlist for wowza , I need to work on other issue u may say. There is not working application that can play the
dynamic schedule list . The example only take the streamschedule.smil
and when you change your list you have to restart wowza :S
about 2 days I was working on this issue and find a solution .
my first solution that I wrote a .as script that
can take dynamic xml which is inside the local or over the remote server. I took it with service and parse it in action script , then
add items to the current playlist anyway this is not good enough for me , and keep on working . This way can solve lots of problems but still it’s not full automatic , still I need to write the url or the location of xml for make it dynamic .
The second way is
I wrote a new java wowza server module class .
That class is parsing the .smil file automatically and realise that
the folder is overwritten or not by the tag of
property {that’s my def ur will be } Then change the player as than
call the client by nc.client(“myFunction”,null,myParameter,function success(msg:string):void{
// or you want to see it without debug;
Now I can take dynamic schedule list in smil
and change the stream instance src without restart the application or
restart the stream .

in your smil file’s needed to include the

I wont give my source to you or share my source with you , I wanna make you understand that
it is possible , in forums they say that it couldn’t be done with wowza etc. Hovever I success it 😉
This doc is written for wowza junior member .

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