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Watch Wowza Live Stream Over APPLE IOS or Other Mobile Phone

Wowza Live Stream can be viewed with flash player cause it output is RTMP . What if you have the fuckin machine that won’t support FLASH and say that please use my applcation . yea yeaa you know what I’m talking about , the enemy of adobe , actually the enemy of google the enemy of everything , Fuckin apple. Figure out , you pay 1000$ for a smart phone , and can’t play rtmp 😀 funny. Anyway I try to help developer not APPLE .

I call the wowza directory as wd .

1. Create folder in wd/conf folder with the name that which you wanna call your application . I call it myDemo

2.Download and extract the Application.xml to your myDemo folder in wd/conf/myDemo folder . DOWNLOAD

3. Create folder in wd/application folder with the same name . myDemo.

Check it out that if
Configured the Streams/StreamType property to live.


Configured the HTTPStreamers property to cupertinostreaming,smoothstreaming,sanjosestreaming


Now start a stream which you wanna play , the music or anything else …



Apple can play this url . For microsoft silverlight you can try something different .



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